Groundhopping in Austria

Groundhopping in Austria

Forget Mozart, Schwarzenegger, and The Sound of Music; when it comes to groundhopping in Austria, all you need to know about is Käsekrainer and Gösser.

From scenic stadiums nestled in the Alps, to Vienna’s many historic neighbourhood clubs, there’s something for everyone here.

This is the key information you need to know.

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Pyro at Rapid Vienna's stadium, the Allianz Stadion. Opponents were Sturm Graz.

Football in Austria

The Austrian football pyramid consists of two national tiers, followed by a series of increasingly regionalised lower steps. As of the 2021/22 season, it is structured as follows:

Tier 1

  • Admiral Bundesliga (12 clubs)

Tier 2

  • HPYBET 2.Liga (16 clubs)

Tier 3

  • Regionalliga Ost (16 clubs)
  • Regionalliga Mitte (16 clubs)
  • Regionalliga West (16 clubs)

Tier 4

  • Landesliga Burgenland (17 clubs)
  • Niederösterreichische Landesliga (16 clubs)
  • Wiener Stadtliga (16 clubs)
  • Landesliga Steiermark (16 clubs)
  • OÖ Liga (14 clubs)
  • Kärntner Liga (16 clubs)
  • Salzburger Liga (16 clubs)
  • Tiroler Liga (16 clubs)
  • Vorarlbergliga (14 clubs)

At step 5 and below, the pyramid consists of 9 state and city leagues. The lowest step of organized association football in Austria is the 10th tier.

There are currently no plans in place to significantly restructure the Austrian football pyramid.

Ticket Information

In the majority of cases, it’s possible to purchase match tickets in advance online (although you will likely need to provide a form of ID, such as a passport number).

You can also buy on the gate, with matches rarely selling out. Indeed, using 2021/22’s Bundesliga attendance figures as an indicator, top-flight stadiums are only 38% full on average.

ClubStadiumCapacityAvg. Att.Satiety
Rapid ViennaAllianz-Stadion28,34513,02846%
Red Bull SalzburgRed Bull Arena Salzburg30,18811,73839%
SK Sturm GrazMerkur Arena16,3649,13856%
Austria ViennaGenerali Arena17,5007,50043%
LASKRaiffeisen Arena6,0095,77996%
SK Austria KlagenfurtWörtherseestadion32,0004,83215%
SV RiedJosko Arena7,6004,52260%
SCR AltachCASHPOINT-Arena8,5004,05048%
Wolfsberger ACLavanttal-Arena7,3003,33146%
TSV HartbergProfertil Arena Hartberg5,0243,01860%
FC Admira Wacker MödlingBSFZ-Arena12,0002,04617%
WSG TirolTivoli Stadion Tirol15,4001,58110%
Source: Transfermarkt

The average cost of an Austrian top-flight ticket is €23, which is respectable in the context of the country’s average monthly salary.

Rapid ViennaAllianz-Stadion€20€45€33
Red Bull SalzburgRed Bull Arena Salzburg€16€37€27
SK Sturm GrazMerkur Arena€18€30€24
Austria ViennaGenerali Arena€16€40€28
LASKRaiffeisen Arena€16€22€19
SK Austria KlagenfurtWörtherseestadion€20€29€25
SV RiedJosko Arena€14€26€20
SCR AltachCASHPOINT-Arena€19€29€24
Wolfsberger ACLavanttal-Arena€18€25€22
TSV HartbergProfertil Arena HartbergNANANA
FC Admira Wacker MödlingBSFZ-Arena€14€26€20
WSG TirolTivoli Stadion Tirol€15€20€18
Sources: Stadium Guide, Official club websites

Note: All prices above are for full adult day tickets (i.e. not including discounts, youth, concessions etc.)

Fan cards are not in operation in Austria, and it is not required (in most cases) to purchase memberships in order to buy tickets.

Useful Resources for Groundhopping in Austria

For Austrian football, a particularly useful English-language resource is The Other Bundesliga – which also features a dedicated groundhopping section. It’s also worth checking out the following pieces:

  • Groundhoppers2019 visit to see Floridsdorfer AC
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For guidance on travelling to (and around) Austria the country’s official tourism portal is an excellent resource. It is also regularly updated (in English) with the latest COVID rules and regulations.